The Isles of Scilly are a group of five inhabited islands, and approximately a further 150 uninhabited islands located 28 miles west south of Lands End.

The islands are set in azure seas surrounding them and all the islands have white sand beaches and a rugged coastline.

The water around the islands is crystal clear. It is so transparent that the sea bed is visible at depthts of several fathoms, ideal for underwater swimming.

The five inhabited islands are St.Mary's, the largest, with Tresco, St.Martin's, St.Agnes and Bryher. The overall population is around 2000.

Each of the islands is very different, as they have their own characteristics and a mild climate, and frost free winters.

The atmosphere is free of pollution and as a result the sunlight is often very bright, however, caution is advisable when sunbathing.

Scilly's beaches are very clean and have fine white sand which glistens silver in the sunlight.

The Islands are ideal for walking the coastal footpaths, which stretch across the heath, and the islands have many historic and ancient bronze age tombs and old castles and mines to discover.

In many of the locations there are local cafes and pubs, and refreshments available.

There is an excellent nine hole gold course on St.Mary's which is open to the public.

Gig racing is the most popular sport on Scilly and a great attraction to visitors. Throughout the summer on a Friday evening, six-oared gigs compete in the inter island races in St.Mary's Roads.

The races are followed by launches packed with spectators urging on their favourite crews

It is so popular that international gig racing championships were held on Scilly.

During the summer, passenger launches ferry the visitors from island to island, including fun runs to the outer islands viewing a variety of seabirds and seals, this is a very popular visitor past time.